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My Foot- the Ultimate Foot Comfort and Healing Range

Often people do not realize that feet are the first part of their bodies to age, and when they are unhealthy it can impact individual well-being along the way. All the walking around leaves you with dry skin, causing many irregularities in your feet, along with leaving your skin dry and harsh. What is a better way to pamper and treat yourself than to do a pedicure yourself, in your own home to keep your feet soft and smooth?

MyFoot brings to you the finest foot masks designed with natural ingredients and a unique formula intended to moisturize your skin that reveals soft, supple feet. Exfoliation helps heal skin and keeps your feet soft and smooth while supporting your skin's natural exfoliation process.

We provide foot care treatments made in universal sizes and user-friendly designs to cater to all types of feet leaving your feet nourished, just like a baby. After applying our mask, your skin will begin to peel 4-7 days later, and once peeling stops, it will leave you with silky smooth skin.

Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils

Our exfoliating foot mask is made from pure, natural ingredients, like concentrated vitamin E, olive oil, and olive leaf extract which are all-natural and gentle ways to exfoliate your skin.

These organic vitamins and extracts are suitable for all types of skin including sensitive skin and as a result, there are no side effects, irritation, or any damage in the long run. The moisturizing benefits of Vitamin E are the perfect way to treat dry, hard and damaged skin along with wound healing.

No More Dry & Coarse Feet

The most common problem people face is yellow nail syndrome which causes cracked and yellowing nails, but this foot mask containing vitamin E supplements prevents this syndrome making it easier for your skin and nails to hydrate and heal.

Another vital ingredient, Aloe olive oil is vital for skin exfoliation that helps get rid of dead cells and works as a cleansing agent removing all impurities. The nourishing and healing properties of these ingredients help restore skin to its former suppleness. 

No Animal Cruelty

One of the most important rules that we stand by is that our products will never be tested on animals and do not promote animal cruelty. By supporting our brand you will be encouraging and influencing more companies to go cruelty-free.

We use natural alternatives and essential oils that are better for your health, along with being eco-friendly. By supporting cruelty-free brands like MyFoot, you will give more opportunities for our products to be featured and will send a message to other businesses to follow the same path.

Eco Friendly line

A part of our commitment is delivering products to you along with being a socially responsible brand that not only cares for your feet but also our planet. This involves generating less waste whilst still helping the end consumers to carry their products efficiently.

We operate fully carbon neutral and all of our packaging is made from fully recyclable materials, reducing our consumption of heavy energy resources. So what are you waiting for? Shop our line of foot care, enriched with powerful ingredients specially designed for your feet.



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