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Common myths

Surprisingly, good foot care is equally important as any other type of beauty ritual. People lack the confidence to wear open-toed shoes or strappy sandals out in the open, mainly because of the condition of their feet. We often do not get time to balance our life by prioritizing self-care, especially for our feet. Hours of standing, walking around in heels, or beach and hiking trips leave our skin dry resulting in coarse feet and cracked heels. Direct exposure to dirt and dust, constant sun exposure, dry air, and pollution all leave your feet dehydrated, making them even drier. People also don't realize that their excessive use of soap also contributes to dry feet, and as a result, they should pamper their skin with a foot exfoliating foot mask or a foot rasp and some moisturizing foot wipes.


Better than a pedicure

Dehydrated feet shatter our confidence and encourage us to walk around in closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes. If our feet do not look healthy, they disregard the effort put into the rest of the look, instantly leading to a lousy impression. Stylish footwear can never solve this common problem because dry, cracked feet cannot look pleasing to anyone, even with fancy footwear. Getting pedicures every week is also not the solution for most of the population because not everyone can afford to spend their time and money every week on spa treatments. A regular care routine can be done by almost everyone every day by using our products to avoid overlooking your feet' health.


About us

After a long period of extensive research and experiments, my foot has curated and manufactured a unique formula to provide the perfect solution to dry and course feet. We have combined the two problematic factors buyers worry about, the price and the spa-like feeling. As a result, we have formulated an affordable Spa Superior Foot treatment in four easy steps.

As a family-owned independent business, we're dedicated to bringing you and your family a range of foot care cosmetics that help you maintain healthier and stronger feet. Our goal is to make your feet feel as soft and new  like a baby's! Instead of selling mass-produced products, we intend to carefully try and test out different remedies and formulate those using natural ingredients.


Our range

Our products like the Foot peel Mask, Foot Rasp, and Foot wipes are distinctively designed to suit all types of skin, ranging from dry to sensitive, without creating any irritation. We prioritize your individual needs and have created a line to prevent any irregularities in your skin without costing you a fortune.


What is exfoliation?

When you exfoliate your feet, you are merely taking substances like a foot scrub and taking off dead skin. Exfoliating can help you avoid building tough, ugly calluses, keeping your pores from being clogged, as well as helping you keep an eye on your foot health.

This super easy and soothing procedure involves using the MyFoot Exfoliation Foot Mask. It will leave you with soft, smooth feet in just 1-2 weeks by taking off your dead skin. It will help eliminate your calluses, dry, coarse, and dead skin by infusing your pores with the proper nutrients. The results are quite pleasing, quick, and long-lasting.


How should you exfoliate your feet with our products?

Give your feet a minor massage by investing in our line because we guarantee you a luxurious experience that will get you hooked into using our products. Our exfoliating foot mask helps make way for new cells and shaves off the dead cells, thereby working as a self-pedicure. Our products will promote a healthy blood flow to your feet, encouraging the skin to retain oxygen and clean your pores.

Our foot rasps can also help file away all the calluses and remove the dry skin. The comfort grip allows easy handling of even the hardest areas, and our foot wipes can be used to maintain proper moisture after any spa-like treatments.


Why is this important?

By looking after your feet' health, you are making a huge difference not only in the physical appearance of your feet but in the way they feel as well. Additionally, by making your feet' health a priority will result in less foot pain along with smoother skin, fewer infections from clogged pores, and fewer calluses. To slip into fancy pairs of shoes, you must make sure your feet look their absolute best to show them off to the world. Now that you have been educated on foot exfoliation and foot rasps take the plunge and start pampering your skin by buying out an exclusive range of foot care.



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