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Soften your soles at home with better than spa foot care treatments

Using powerful natural extracts, our products are designed to heal and hydrate dry skin, chapped heels, and calluses from the comfort of home.

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Hero Ingredients That Harness The Power Of Nature

Infused with hero natural ingredients like concentrated vitamin E, aloe olive oil and olive leaf extract, our products are designed to reveal soft, supple feet that feel brand new.

Use our exfoliating mask and moisturizing wipes for the ultimate foot care treatment. Soak your feet for an hour and, over a few days, they'll start to peel and leave your feet baby smooth. Use the wipes to maintain soft feet.

Your Feet Deserve Some Care

Feet are often the most neglected part of anyone’s skincare routine. And failing to take care of them can lead to pain and discomfort, not to mention embarrassment when your socks come off!

For a lot of people, getting regular pedicures just isn’t practical or affordable. That’s why we created MyFoot, so that everyone can build an effective foot care routine.

What Customers Are Saying About MyFoot

5/5(390 Reviews)

I had awful feet after hiking with my friends. It's dry, cracked, and calluses looked so alive. After using this foot mask, my feet look so beautiful, and I can now wear sandals again

- Bib, December 22 2019

I'm pretty content with my skin. It's close to being flawless except my tanned and cracked feet. So, once I found out that this foot peel could get rid of my calluses, I was in. My experience was equal parts disgusting (imagine the dead skin shedding of my feet, ew) and incredible (it indeed gave my feet the baby-soft feel that I was anticipating). There's nothing more satisfying than waking up to an overnight skin transformation!

- Sam, May 28 2020

Having this is like having a foot spa within the comfort of your home. No strangers scrubbing off dead skin, just pure satisfaction and soft feet after usage!

- Wilkins, October 30 2019

I suffer from really thick callus and decided to give this a try. The product works just as they say. After my feet peeled I used the moisturizing wipes for 7day. Left my feet soft and hydrated

- Tiffy N, July 5 2020

Ready to reveal soft, supple and healthy feet?

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