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My Foot Epsom Salts CBD Pain Relief Magnesium Sulfate 26oz/770g

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My Foot Epsom Salts CBD Pain Relief Magnesium Sulfate 26oz/770g

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt, which also goes by the name magnesium sulfate, is a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Its less-scientific name actually stems from its prevalence in the village of Epsom in Surrey, England, one of the country's first spa towns, where people came to "take the waters" from a bitter saline spring thought to have medicinal properties.

Powerful magnesium key

The powerful and all-natural healing properties of CBD combined with pure magnesium create a bath soak with unparalleled effectiveness. Together, they have more power to relax sore muscles, calm nerve inflammation, and soothe itchy or dry skin. Infused with organically grown hemp-derived CBD and our special blend of essential oils of lavender, ho wood, and bergamot, this rejuvenating bath will leave you floating in bliss. Now go get your soak on!

The benefit of Epsom salts

Epsom salts have been used for millennia to restore, repair, and detoxify tissue. Naturally occurring and deeply penetrating, these simple mineral compounds made from magnesium and sulfate enter the body through the skin to relax muscles, calm nerve inflammation, detoxify and soothe itchy or dry skin. When combined with organic, hemp-derived CBD and our blend of penetrating essential oils, the medicinal effects of this ancient practice are amplified. Our high potency blend of CBD, essential oils and therapeutic oils will nourish and support the healing that your body needs. Epsom Salt Soaking Solution soothes the body and provides the ideal opportunity to relax in a warm bath, quiet the mind de-stress and revitalize skin

Why Epsom salt?

  • Itching caused by poison ivy
  • Skin irritation and inflammation
  • Sore feet
  • Sore muscles
  • Sprains
  • Stiff joints
  • Stress
  • Sunburn

It’s been shown to be effective for these uses:

  • Control rapid heartbeat
  • Relieve migraine headaches
  • Postpone premature birth
  • Reduce swelling in the brain
  • Treat barium poisoning
  • Treat muscle spasms and seizures caused by magnesium deficiency
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To make an Epsom salt foot soak, follow these simple steps: Fill your bathtub or a basin with warm water until its deep enough to cover your feet. Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to the warm water. Soak your feet for 30 to 60 minutes twice a week. For an aromatherapy boost, consider adding a few drops of diluted lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus essential oil to your foot bath. Moisturize your feet thoroughly after soaking them. This kind of soak can cause dry skin, specifically on your feet. Be sure to moisturize your skin after an Epsom salt foot soaks to prevent cracked skin and irritation. If you begin to experience pain, redness, or sores before or after using a foot bath, schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss alternative treatment.
However, discuss your options with a doctor before using this remedy to treat infections and other health conditions. People with diabetes, kidney disease, or heart problems, or who are pregnant should talk to their doctor before using Epsom salt. While there have been some success stories involving the use of Epsom salt as a healing agent, more research is needed to understand how and where it’s effective. Schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss the best course of treatment for your condition if it doesn’t improve. Epsom salt soaks are usually a safe home treatment to help manage foot ailments.
Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound, unlike sodium table salt. Epsom salt has been used for hundreds of years as a healing agent and pain reliever. Today, it’s most often added to hot baths and foot soaks to reduce stress. The magnesium in Epsom salt is only minimally absorbed through the skin, and there’s no scientific evidence to date that shows that it actually increases magnesium levels in the body. But Epsom salt can ease pain related to inflammation, which can be beneficial for foot health.

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