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MyFoot CBD Pain Relief Premium Therapeutic Bath Bombs

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MyFoot CBD Pain Relief Premium Therapeutic Bath Bombs

What are Bath Bombs?

A bath bomb is a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients molded into several shapes and then dried. Bathwater effervesces at the surface as a bath bomb is immersed within it, with attendant dispersion of such ingredients as an essential oil, moisturizer, scent, or colorant.

Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

The topical use of CBD products has been scientifically proven to provide greater mental and physical well-being. Many people use CBD in different forms, including bath bombs, because they are non-psychoactive in nature. CBD can interact and assist with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system has quite a few endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the body. Taking a warm bath using a CBD Bath Bomb will reap the rewards, help you de-stress at the end of an exhausting day, and may even help you fall asleep more easily.

CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

These bath bombs provide lots of self-care perks. Perhaps with even more relaxation and pain relief than the traditional bath bomb. Baths, in general, are a great way to unwind after a long day, release muscle tension, and devote some time to taking care of yourself. These additions can make all the difference when you want to calm your mind, restore your body, and rejuvenate your skin.

How it works:

We created our Pain Relief Bath Bombs with the entourage effect in mind. The following impact occurs when you combine cannabinoids with terpenes/essential oils. Each blend is more than a scent; it is an experience. Our CBD bath bombs combine the power of organic essential oils and cannabinoids to create effect-specific full-body experiences.

Our Bath Bombs

  • Camphor Essential Oil
  • 100% Pure CBD
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Orange
  • Lemon


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If slipping into a warm bath is your idea of nirvana, you’re probably well acquainted with the popular bathing accessory known as the bath bomb. Now — because CBD is literally popping up everywhere — you can also find those sweet-smelling balls of salts, herbs, and essential oils with a healthy dose of this nifty cannabinoid in them. Whether you’re looking to slide into a post-bath snooze, soothe your achy muscles after exercise, breathe better, hydrate your skin, or just chill TF out, CBD bath bombs could be the perfect addition to your self-care routine. All by itself, soaking in water (aka hydrotherapy) has benefits for your skin, heart, respiratory system, and immunity, among other things. (Yes, there is scientific research on the benefit of baths!) What’s more, soaking in mineralized water (like at a hot spring or a home bath infused with Epsom salts or magnesium flakes) may carry additional benefits for relieving pain and helping with a range of muscle and joint issues, but more research is needed to back that up.
Take your at-home spa routine to the next level with a CBD-infused bath bomb for the ultimate mind, body, & soul body-pampering bath experience. Convert your bath routine into an atmosphere even spa would envy. Draw your bath at the optimal temperature, dim the lights, turn on your favorite tunes, and immerse yourself in CBD goodness. The bath bomb itself delivers an undeniable ambiance of pleasure, and the CBD will, in turn, amplify the good vibes. Give it a few minutes, let your pores slowly ingest the cannabinoids, and settle in for a relaxing, relieving, and even euphoric bathing experience.
In general, most bath bombs consist of more ingredients than just baking soda and citric acid. Unique combinations of ingredients including Epsom salts, essential oils & aromatherapy agents, natural and organic coloring agents, and now even cannabidiol (CBD) are mixed into countless variations for your bathing pleasure. To be clear, your CBD-infused bath bomb will not get you high, as it contains only the non-psychoactive cannabis compounds. What you can count on is enjoying some of the incredible relief studies that have shown CBD to produce from better sleep to pain and anxiety relief. High-quality CBD can be absorbed quickly through open pores in your skin, allowing your bath to deliver an invigorating sense of relief to your entire body. Maybe it’s time to forgo the expensive spa day and enjoy a CBD bath bomb in the comfort and convenience of your own home????

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